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Judy Booty Bands

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This is 1 Pairs BFR Bands Occlusion For Glutes Workout Blood Flow Restriction Booty Bands


1. High elastic double rubber bands combinations which are not easy to cause deformation.

2. Full loops surface design can be fixed and adjusted to the right tightness at will.

3. High-quality hook&loop fasteners are designed for firm affixing effect.

4. The lightweight buckle which is not easy to get rusty, but it  is easy to be adjusted.

5. Solid and durable exquisite stitching craft

6. Compared to traditional muscle building exercises, trainers can repeat more sets of muscle building exercises with shorter rest periods between the previous and next set of exercises by using BFR(Blood Flow Restriction) training with lighter strength trainings. Meanwhile, it can achieve the same muscle building results.

7. By using lighter strength training, it can relieve the stress on tendons, ligaments and joints. Moreover, more training volume can be accomplished with less risk of injury.


Use scenario.

dumbbells, yoga, running, rope jumping, weightlifting, gym


Product list.

Blood Flow Restriction Thigh Band  * 1 pair



1. Gentle hand wash, maximum water temperature 40 ℃ (short washing time)

2. Do not wring.

3. Do machine wash.

4. Do not dry clean.

5. Do not expose to the sun.

6. Hang to dry naturally.

7. Do not iron.