Become an Entrepreneur Today and start your own Body Contour , Teeth Whitening , Tooth Gem business  upon completion of our training offered online Or in-person. Snatch Me Beauty Academy, amongst our successful students; Body Contouring training are in-person! Providing a proper educational experience that will leave students prepared to service clients and successfully operate their business. An intensive and hands on training, where you will learn: Detox sauna therapy, lymphatic drainage, wood therapy, cellulite reduction, RF skin tightening, laser lipo, cavitation, and vacuum therapy butt lifting. With our combining years of experience, skills and knowledge in all things Body Contouring, Teeth Whitening,Marketing and Business to provide a Students who enroll into this training will not only receive a certificates, but as well, receive intensive theoretical and practical training in order to retain everything they have learned once successfully completing the training.