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Double Belt Vest

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1. Helps sculpt your body. 2. Helps you lose inches. 3. Supports your posture during a heavy lifting workout. 4. Assist with losing water weight 5. The goal is to wear it long enough each day to experiment with the best results. Start off wearing it 1 hour a day and gradually get to 8 hours a day. 6. Helped with eating smaller portions ( make you feel fuller) 7. Motivation (a constant reminder of your goals) Snatch Game ALL latex, Double strapped waist vest with zipper created to sculpt your curves grasping all the back fat while creating an hourglass figure. Cover your entire midsection, down to your hips and around your shoulders, covering the complete back. Decrease love handles and loses inches along your waist. Create the curves you desire. Enhanced with Double straps sure to discard stubborn bottom belly fat