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Nancy Booty Lifting Shaper Wrap

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2-In-1 High-Waisted Booty Lift Shaper Shorts is good for tightening the loose skin, preventing internal organs from sagging, contracting the uterine, and promoting the recovery of internal function. 

Results & Effect:
• 2-In-1 design has dual effects of butt lifting and abdomen controlling.
• High waist design for instant tummy & back smoothing.
• The customized eye-and-hook closure design of the body-shaping pants is convenient to wear and take off, meets the requirements of fixing and disassembling the abdominal binder.
• Zipper crotch design for an easier toilet.
• Stops rolling with soft flex boning.
• The waistband can be adjusted at will, suitable for various body types.
• Shaping the waistline, lifting the buttocks, and creating sexy peach buttocks in seconds.